tag-go; tag go; augmented reality; geolocalization; geo-localization

Place it. Find it. Use it.


Tag-Go offers coupon-tags for de-materialization of traditional paper based information, advertising and marketing campaigns thru the use of geo-fenced tagging services, on selectable locations and acknowledged points of interests. 

In addition to that, privileged ad-spaces in selected points of interest can be acquired exclusively at variable rates based on the tagged popularity of the location

the founding fathers

Tag-Go is the result of the creativity of three friends united by the passion for technology, the love for investments and the addiction to the dream of picking a gem in the pool of undiscovered ideas, which will make the world a better place. An IT expert with a degree in Computer Science and a long career as project and program manager in public sector: the visionary dreamer that fired up the first spark. A Certified Coach with a degree in Environmental Sciences, ten years of professional experience across Europe: the ‘brain that never rests’ who took no time to buy into the idea. An affirmed Lawyer, degree in Law, extensive experience in defending court cases from North to South Europe and approved Board Member (HHJ): the reassuring voice of the law in the exciting and dangerous spurts of a new idea


Tag-Go supports two basic types of tags: messaging tags and coupon tags. The messaging tags carry user-defined digital content and allow time-bond message threading (i.e. create, read and reply), while the coupon tags are centrally distributed over the territory and are intended as individually collectable assets.

The idea

At the heart of Tag-Go is the ability to identify precisely a point in the physical space and associate to it a digital message (tag), which remains accessible to other users of the service for a predefined period of time (tag lifetime). The tags posted on a specific location become available for reading, replying or collecting via Augmented Reality experience only when such location enters the visible range of a mobile device running the Tag-Go application. 

the concept


Tag-Go is a Finnish startup that created a new media for geo-localized communication and interactive advertising services combining augmented reality experience, mobile and web technologies

the services


Tag-Go offers to its mobile users a free app to enable the production, consumption and collection of tags. However, by paying a small monthly subscription fee, a user gains access to a rich set of additional features and the possibility to enjoy the games, tricks and promotions reserved to special customers 

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Tag-Go offers customized tagging markers for setting up purposeful and personalized customer feedback/communication channels (e.g. tag board/marker on a shop window; tag points for live feedback/discussion in a conference context; tag board in meeting points; tag markers for real-estates providing links for direct access to property information; etc.);