Tag-Go is setting up its team in Helsinki and looking for smart and passionate professionals to join our journey to success.

If you see yourself in one of the roles below or simply wish to know more about what we offer and what are our plans, waste no time and get in touch with us sending a message to 

Early adopters willing to be part of a pilot

Our platform is about to see the light and we are eagerly looking for early adopters that are willing to take the first steps with us. We will be launching very soon our web-portal, which is tailored to business customers that are willing to exploit the communication power of our product: a new geo-localized, AR-based media channel for interactive advertising. At the same time, the first release of the Tag-Go mobile app will become available for iOS and Android and our idea of information with socially driven persistence will complete the landscape of Tag-Go services. Our first launch will target mostly the metropolitan areas in South of Finland, so if you operate in this region and are:

  • An entrepreneur with a passion for breaking new grounds
  • A business operator intrigued by our concept
  • A marketing expert looking for a tool that would expand your reach
  • A media professional with a diversified portfolio of interests

Or if you are simply curious and willing to be amongst the first to experience the Tag-Go ecosystem, waste no time and get in touch with us for further information on how Tag-Go will be able to put a smile on your face.

 What we offer:

Amongst all interested business users we will select a few to whom we will offer free access to our platform and services for a period of 3 months. And if you are simply interested in experiencing the social aspects of our platform, we give unlimited availability of messages to distribute for free to the first 500 users that contact us.

Hurry up, send us an email at

Closing date for this call is 31 July !


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